Disputes, avoidance and resolution


When you except a guest into your home or commercial space you have to be ready for the worst-case scenario, they break something! we believe this situation is rare but it does happen. The professional thing to do is be a head of the game we see a lot of companies advertising insurance but like any insurance how easily will they pay-out! So, prevention is the best policy, guests should take responsibility for using your space. The situation will vary from host to host the property might be your primary home it might be your second commercial home it could just be a room your renting so you can apply this advice as you see fit. Ok there are different ways to grade your space we will start at the bottom a single room ok, so let’s be honest in this situation there can’t be that much to break in a bedroom and usually this will be a hosted residence so you are there to oversee everything but you can still ask for the guest to sign an inventory of everything in the room and you can apply this system to multiple house rental were there are 3-4 guest staying. Renting out the whole property with no host present in this situation an inventory is your friend, depending on the size of the property a 30-minute tour with your group ticking off the inventory can’t be simpler they sign and take full responsibility for content and their actions for the duration of the stay. Think about what you have in your house keep it minimal Renting out a property that has thousands of pounds in antiques is risky but at the same time you can communicate this with your guest and this will reflect the safety deposit we can impose if there is damage.






Accidents happen and usually admitting them and playing fair most people will be fine, but also protect yourself check the property quickly before you settle in, inform your host immediately if anything is not working or appears broken. when leaving the property leave it as you found it, have a good check around before you leave if possible, ask to sign the inventory off with the owner, agent, host so everyone is happy.






In the event of a dispute we expect hosts and guests to first find a common ground to avoid dispute and come to an adult agreement. In the event this is not possible and depending on the size of the problem we will act as a mediator between the two parties. Either party can contact us by email and we will analyse the reason for the dispute and will ask for both sides to issue a statement and our resolution team will either ask for more information or make a decision on the matter concerned.