Hosting your space


So whats it all about! Depending on your situation you will be either a Host who wants to entertain people in your own home which can be a very personal experience and hopfully a fun and rewarding one that you will want to do again and again but remember people are paying for a service so this is why the rules and description of what your selling must be made clear. Prevention is the most professional way to host, be ahead of the game here are some basic areas that are key! 



Electricity,water,lights,cooker,kettle,oven,shower,bath,tv,stereo,jacuzzi,heating,dishwasher. Any amenities you include in your space check them ready for the next guest.



Cleaning is a key element of Hosting a property or renting out a second home, it says alot about the host and the standard of there buisness. Check all spaces are clean especially bathrooms and kitchens, corners of rooms, look out for cobwebs easily missed! Leave plenty of cleaning products around any descent guest will clean up after them selfs. If your supplying sheets or bedding make sure its clean and smells fresh we all like getting into a fresh bed.



Now remember when hosting your the one in control of each booking this is why smartbnb will try to get its members to be as spacific as possible in there profiles. The more you know about your guest before you approve that booking the better and don,t forget the guest will hopfully leave a good review of there stay to encourage more buisness and attract people to your space. When you choose your guest be sure to ask them if they have any special needs just incase they have missed something on the amenities panel. And remember treat your guest as you would expect to be treated yourself and have fun.